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Learn to Integrate offers you French learning courses from Beginner level (A1.1) to Advanced (B2).


French Course for Beginners A1.1


This course will give you a foundation in reading, pronunciation, and the first steps in communicating in French.

You can watch two of our videos below : 


Topics and vocabulary - Absolute Beginner 

Alphabet + Combined phonetic letters 
Pronunciation of  c / g 
The three sounds o - au - eau 
Spelling rules of ai - ei - et - ez - er + type of accents (é, è, ê)
Pronuncation of nasal vowels
Indefinite and definite articles 
Numbers + phrases with c'est / ce sont / il y a 
Prepositions of place (sur, sous, devant, derrière, dans, entre
The verbs "être" and "avoir" in the present tense + most common phrases 
Telling Time in French
Describing someone - physical appearance 
Adjectives – feminine, masculine
The verb "aller" + most common phrases with à la, au, à l'
Parts of the body


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Second French online course for Beginners


Enjoying learning is the key to staying motivated and progressing efficiently. 
This is the second part of the French online course for Beginners (level A1).


You can watch four of our videos below :

  • How to Order Food in French

  • Possessive Adjectives

  • Demonstrative Adjectives

  • First group verbs (er)


Topics and Vocabulary on the second French course : 

How to Buy Groceries / Buying food + Partitive Article
Plural of nouns and adjectives 
Prepositions of place - Countries, Cities, Regions
Second group verbs (ir)
Most important Third group verbs (voir, vouloir, pouvoir, prendre, comprendre, apprendre, dormir, ouvrir, faire, venir, mettre)
Le futur proche
Le passé récent


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