Karate & Self-Defense

Tanya has a Criminal Psychology Masters Degree and a Second Degree Karate Black Belt.

She has many many achievements and have brought home various medals of International and Republican karate tournaments.

Tanya offers consultation sessions which are a combination of psychological focus with elements of self-defense. 

You can see some of her videos below : 

Self-Defense lessons : 

Personal Growth And Self-Defense 

In our dynamic daily lives, we may naturally fall in the trap of stress and worry. The fear of failure often times slows down our productivity. Our insecurities prevent us from growing further in life.

The consultation sessions offered by Tania are a combination of psychological focus with elements of self-defense. Each session consists of two parts – verbal (in which the problem is diagnosed and solved), and practical (in which self-defense techniques are applied).

The consultation sessions are customized to each person, depending on their needs, with the main goal to improve confidence and self-esteem.

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